Myanmar is rapidly growing in popularity

Myanmar is seeing quite a dramatic increase in visitor numbers for very good reasons. The country was effectively closed to most visitors for many years but now it is open for business and the infrastructure is being rapidly improved.

The new edition of Experience Myanmar (Burma) is right up to date on accommodation, restaurants, transport, places to visit, and experiences to enjoy. Every visitor to Myanmar needs an up-to-date guidebook to help them get the most from the experience. We think Experience Myanmar (Burma) 2017 is the best available. It is available as an ebook or paperback from

Myanmar Book Cover 2017-Best

Experience Myanmar (Burma) 2016

Myanmar is rapidly opening up to tourists and business people but there is still a lack of reliable information on the country. Experience Myarmar (Burma) 2016 helps fill this gap and it is now available as an e‑book or in hard copy from For an outlay of less than $5 you can potentially save hundreds by using the information in this book,so check it out. We provide a free read for you so that you can confirm if it is suitable for you.Myanmar 2016

Update on “Experience Singapore” eateries

My son has just returned from four weeks in Singapore, a place he once lived. He is impressed by the changes since he was last there (about six months ago) and has some new suggestions on places to eat street food.

I will incorporate most of this into the 2015 update of Experience Singapore but here is the information within a few days of his return.

  1. Behind the Raffles Hotel are two famous Hainanese Chicken Rice Restaurants. The first one is on Seah St and is called “Swee Kee” and the 2nd one is on Purvis Street and is called “Chin Chin Eating House”.
  2. In the Westgate Shopping Centre in Jurong East there are a few food speciality restaurants on floor B2 of note. Two that I particularly like are “Hajjah Mariam Cafe”, which has a very nice Ambend Daging set for 2 people, (a large Malay plate dish with either Chicken or Beef Rundung and Malay condiments and vegetables), and an outlet of the famous “328 Katong Luksa” restaurant.
  3. Behind IKEA in Queenstown, just off Jalan Bukit Merah Road you can find the ‘ABC Brickworks Market & Food Centre’ and they have a dessert shop that the Singapore Prime Minister lines up for. It is called “Jin Jin Dessert” and the “Chendol” and “Ice Kachang” are very good. The “Fried Hokkien Prawn Mee” from the ‘Tiong Behru Yi Sheng Fried Hokkien Prawn Mee’ stall is also very good.
  4. The “Tiong Bahru Market” has some good food and in Eng Hoon Street there are two restaurants of note; the “Tiong Bahru Club” and the “Tiong Bahru Bakery”.  (A second Tiong Bahru Bakery outlet is in the basement of Raffles City).
  5. In Bugis, there are a few nice options; on Baghdad Street is a popular cafe, “Kampong Glam Cafe”, and on Haji Lane there are two nice options, “I am” a local hamburger shop, and “Shop Wonderland” a cafe.
  6. In Little India, on Clive Street I enjoy “Mubarak Restaurant”, the Tea Tarik is great and the Roti Prata, Fried Chicken and Mutabak is superb.
  7. In the ‘Chinatown Complex Food Hall’ there is the “Heng Ji Chicken Rice” stall which is good.
  8. While in China Town you should try the “Bakkwa”, a traditional delicacy at Chinese New Year. The most famous shop is “Lim Chee Guan” on Eu Tong Sen Street.

Experience Singapore just published

The seventh book in the Experience guide series has just been published. Experience Singapore highlights the visitor attractions so that those planning a visit can quickly and efficiently plan on what they want to see and do. It locates and details the best places to see and the top experiences to enjoy, and recommends accommodation, shopping and eating options.

It captures the personality and the underlying cultural and historical significance of the city. It invites you to come and explore the wonderful temples, mosques and churches, the few remaining unspoiled natural areas, the historic colonial section, the fantastic shopping opportunities and the exhilaration of the various ethnic zones. Meet a great variety of people, buy the latest gadgets, fashion, and fascinating handicrafts, eat tantalizing cuisine, and enjoy charming hospitality.

Experience Singapore is available as an ebook at