Myanmar is rapidly growing in popularity

Myanmar is seeing quite a dramatic increase in visitor numbers for very good reasons. The country was effectively closed to most visitors for many years but now it is open for business and the infrastructure is being rapidly improved.

The new edition of Experience Myanmar (Burma) is right up to date on accommodation, restaurants, transport, places to visit, and experiences to enjoy. Every visitor to Myanmar needs an up-to-date guidebook to help them get the most from the experience. We think Experience Myanmar (Burma) 2017 is the best available. It is available as an ebook or paperback from

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All books now available

This is just a reminder that the eight 2016 editions of Experience Guides are available as e-books and paperbacks. Probably the easiest way to find them is to go to then type Len Rutledge into the search bar. All the books in both formats should then appear. Amazon allows about 10% of the book to be read free for those who are interested.

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New listings on Amazon

Amazon has changed its way of identifying books. This is how to find these four Experience Guides.

Experience Thailand e-book;

Experience Norway e-book;

Experience Norway paperback;

Experience Northern Italy e-book;

Experience Northern Italy paperback;

Experience Myanmar (Burma) e-book;

Experience Myanmar (Burma) paperback;

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Experience Myanmar (Burma) 2016

Myanmar is rapidly opening up to tourists and business people but there is still a lack of reliable information on the country. Experience Myarmar (Burma) 2016 helps fill this gap and it is now available as an e-book or in hard copy from For an outlay of less than $5 you can potentially save hundreds by using the information in this book,so check it out. We provide a free read for you so that you can confirm if it is suitable for you.Myanmar 2016

New edition of Experience Myanmar

Myanmar (Burma) is rapidly opening up as a tourist destination and there are many changes with new hotels, restaurants, tours and transport options appearing regularly.

This new edition of Experience Myanmar includes all the new developments as well as expanded coverage of all the favourite areas. There are more words, new maps and heaps of new information.

If you are planning to visit or just want to see what is happening tourism wise in this amazing country check out this new book at

Blue Plaques for some of Yangon’s Colonial Buildings

In a move that will help tourism, the Yangon Heritage Trust (YHT) has begun installing descriptive plaques outside Rangoon’s City Hall and other buildings, as part of a larger project to highlight colonial architecture throughout Myanmar’s (Burma’s) biggest city.

The blue plaques initiative, as the US$75,000 project is known, will see 100 plaques installed outside sites of architectural and historical significance over the next year, with descriptions in both Burmese and English detailing when each building was built and why it is important.

The project is being funded by Dutch electronics giant Philips, which has partnered with the YHT. The original plan was to install 200 plaques in the city but this has been scaled back due to the expense of ordering high-quality plaques from Australia.

Philips, which opened its first store in Yangon last year, is also paying separately to illuminate the colonial buildings with LED lights. It has already installed lights outside Mahabandoola Park and City Hall.20131110_145937

Experience Myanmar (Burma) just published

The latest book in the Experience Guide series has just been released. Experience Myanmar (Burma) covers everything of visitor interest in this country which is shaping up as a ‘hot’ destination in 2014.

For further details of the book go to

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